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‘Paranoia,’ movie review

Chatwing Announces Movie Kim Kardashian father Chat Network Possibility in Three Months

Getty Images Ashton Kutcher, star of Jobs. The Jobs movie opened on Friday. Starring Ashton Kutcher in the title role, the film is essentially an unauthorized take on the infamous tech visionary. Another movie, based on Walter Isaacsonspopular biography Steve Jobs which included the cooperation of Jobs, his family and the company is in development with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin attached to write, but no projected release date for that film has yet been given. Judging by the reviews for Jobs, there still may be plenty of room for another film treatment. As of Friday morning, Jobs is carrying a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 26% meaning about three quarters of the reviewers tabulated have given the flick a Thumbs Down. The RT rating among so-called top critics was even lower at 20%. The movie also didnt fare well with the affable Steve Wozniak, who was portrayed in the film by Josh Gad of The Book of Mormon fame. <br>Source:

Clark's ex-girlfriend Emily MacIntyre (Alaina Huffman - "SGU Stargate Universe") becomes part of another love triangle when she meets Roberto and sparks fly. Helena is a glamorous movie star, but she has a reputation for being a very nice and down-to-earth person. When she and Roberto arrive in town she pretends to be over their romance, but she still has feelings for her cheating ex-boyfriend. Helena and Clark form an unlikely friendship and she asks Clark to pretend to be her love interest to make Roberto jealous. In exchange, Helena agrees to help Clark with his screenwriting career. Soon, rumors fly around town about the love connection between the home-town boy and the movie star. The tempting relationship complicates Clark's friendship with his high school sweetheart Emily, who is newly divorced and recently returned to Stone's Throw. Helena and Clarks fake romance successfully brings out the green monster in Roberto who takes drastic measures which backfire on him. <br>Source:

'This Magic Moment' a movie romance on Hallmark Channel (Photos)

Along the way, Hemsworth (best known as Katniss District 12 boyfriend in The Hunger Games) beds a pretty marketing exec (Amber Heard). The big dogs, though, are watching Cassidys every move. Peter Iovino Liam Hemsworth (l.) and Gary Oldman star in Paranoia. As often happens in glossy techno-thrillers, theres the usual urgent keyboard surfing to download information, some ridiculous touches such as Fords savvy magnate tossing the newbie kid the keys to his gorgeous sports car and silly plot-deepening moments. The most inane is when Cassidy learns the bad guys are spying on his ailing father, played by Richard Dreyfuss, who has about as much chance of siring someone who looks like Hemsworth as he does of winning an actual Hunger Games. Director Robert Luketic made the Katherine Heigl bombs Killers and The Ugly Truth and the alleged comedies Monster-in-Law, Win a Date With Tad Hamilton! and Legally Blonde. Here Luketic tries to keep the steely New York edge (some of which was blatantly shot in Philly). The film cant decide if its a were-being-watched thriller or a Wall Street-lite business-world actioner. As for Hemsworth, hes a hunky lunk, and theres zero chemistry between him and the pretty-but-icy Heard. Oldman, using a tough-guy Cockney accent, is good as always, and a shaved-head Ford emanates a whispery menace in the few scenes he has. <br>Source:

(He also did The Goonies, the Harry Potter movies, E.T., Hook ... flip through this gallery for a flashback.) It was only a matter of time before Struzan received the documentary treatment. Drew: The Man Behind the Poster features interviews with some of his very famous fans, including George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Michael J. Fox, Harrison Ford and Guillermo del Toro. Here's the trailer: &amp;lt;!--iframe--&amp;gt; Most of today's movie posters seem like bad Photoshop jobs and aren't terribly awe-inspiring. Next to Struzan's detailed and remarkable work, they look 100 times worse. I had the pleasure of interviewing Struzan many years ago, and it was so exciting to hear stories about his relationships with some of my favorite movies. This doc is a must-see for fans of Star Wars and Spielberg and doesn't that include just about everyone? <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian dress

‘Austenland,’ movie review

A scene from the film "Abandoned Mine." (Gravitas Ventures / March 6, 2009) Also By Robert Abele August 15, 2013, 2:35 p.m. "Abandoned Mine" is all that its title promises: something generic and empty, with the sense that much has been left behind. As adolescents in movies like these are wont to do on Halloween , five of them from a small farming community venture into a supposedly haunted, long-disused mountain vein for kicks and giggles. What ensues are endlessly banal exchanges, lots of flashlights shone on rock walls, walking, getting scared, and joking around, all of which leaves you to wonder if anything is ever going to happen to warrant your precious moviegoing time. (It's hard to shake the notion that naming the young performers cursed with acting this out two of whom are female and three male would somehow add insult to the injury of having been in "Abandoned Mine.") <br>Source:,0,4097190.story

Movie review: 'Kick-Ass 2' aims high but falls short

(And the comic's writer Mark Millar recently sparked controversy with comments read more... on his repeated use of rape as a storytelling device.) Wadlow switches the character who gets attacked from Kick-Ass' high school-age girlfriend to the adult female character known as Night Bitch. Wadlow also attempts to .. [read more] diffuse the scene with humor by having Mintz-Plasse's character unable to, er, perform. Transforming a rape scene into a sex joke makes an ugly moment into a tacky one and would seem the definition of not getting it. The entire film feels like something of a cop-out, a soft shrug rather than a hard slap. When a character says something racist or hateful, another will comment on how racist or hateful it is, trying to have it both ways. As the story goes on there are increasing references to the distinction between real life and comic books and a couple mentions that life does not have sequels. <br>Source:,0,7182428.story

Movie review: 'Abandoned Mine' is an empty attempt at horror

They can talk about lots of stuff in the movie chat network. Upcoming movies, actors, actresses, behind-the-scenes, production costs, reviews, and adaptationsthese are the expected topics for the movie chat network. Its a really big preparation that we are pushing out. The company will create several blog posts regarding the upcoming movie chat network. Through these posts, web users will gain important information about the network and other facets of the Chatwing tool. About specializes in the new field of website chat. Over the years, the Chatwing team has introduced live chat widget for hundreds and thousands of blogs. <br>Source:

Movie poster artist Drew Struzan gets the doc treatment

The missed opportunities in Austenland are more numerous than dowry-less sourpusses at a ball in a Jane Austen novel. Which is a shame. While this chintzy-looking romantic comedy thinks just a few sight gags are enough, a sneakier satire would have gone further. But that alternate Austenland would need to be less square than this one, directed by Napoleon Dynamite co-writer Jerusha Hess and produced by Twilight doyenne Stephenie Meyer. Between the squealing giddiness demonstrated at the mere thought of a submersive Austen-world and the way almost every moment is overplayed, the film wears out its welcome faster than a poor cousin in the country guesthouse. <br>Source:

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'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Season 8 Episode 11 VIDEO Spoi

after the alleged attempt to entrap Ellen into the drama of their scripted reality television production, the Defendants are left to concoct an untruthful story line and script to air on The Kardashians." FOLLOW IBTIMES Kris Jenner and the Kardashian are already suing Ellen over copyright infringement of the late Robert Kardashian's estate. Ellen married Robert two months before his death and the Kardashians believe she "sold property, such watch Kim Kardashian tape online as family photos and writings, to a publishing outlet". They say she masterminded an "unlawful scheme to... exploit... private, personal and copyright-protected material" and claim Robert Kardashian left the "bulk of his personal tangible and intangible property" to his four children. The damages specified in that suit were $500,000, in addition to profits, statutory damages, punitive and exemplary damages. <br>Source:</a> />

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West: Kanye West 'Plans To Marry Kim Kardashian In An Extravagant Event,Wedding Bells Ringing Again

He immediately went to his wife Kris Jenner and complained about the redesign. "Honey, there's all this stuff in the garage. We already had all our babies," Bruce told Kris, to which she replied,"I think you shouldn't worry about all the stuff in the house, it's a little crazy." After Kris defended her daughter's moving plans, Bruce suggested that Kardashian finds somewhere else to live. "Kim certainly has the means to do what she needs to do, she does not need to be back here," Bruce said. "No, she doesneed to be back here," Kris fired back. Another teaser shows Bruce's plan to build a putting green in the backyard of their Calabasas home without Kris' knowledge. <br>Source:

Tracy Anderson has come under fire for her weight loss methods and business practices. Kim Kardashian is stopping at nothing to lose the baby weight after giving birth to her first child, North West, or Nori, as the family calls her,Hollywood Life reports. According to the report, Kim has been hard at work trying to lose the weight she put on during her pregnancy, and is doing so by restricting her diet to 1,200 calories a day. Sources reveal that Kim Kardashian is trying her best to eat healthy, and is breast feeding as well as she's heard that it helps new moms lose weight more quickly. As previously reported, Kardashian is rumored to be showing off her post-baby weight loss on her mom Kris Jenner's new daytime talk show. <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian Diet, Weight Loss Secrets, and Work Out Tips: Post Baby

The camera crew has been a constant presence in Kris Jenners house since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West brought little Nori home. Kanye is said to be angry about the intrusion, but Kim is under contract, and obligated to film. The baby hasnt been filmed close up, but has been captured at a distance while Kim has been holding her. Norths temporary nursery has also been filmed, when Kanye wasnt around. There is no doubt that Kim would want to have North appear on the show, if Kanye wasnt so opposed to it. She is a great mom, and totally devoted to her baby, a Kardashian insider revealed. <br>Source:

Kim Kardashian filming ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ while in hiding

"The baby has solidified their relationship," a friend of Kim's told Us Weekly. "They're doing really well. [Kanye] has matured and grown a lot very quickly. He seems a lot more at peace. It's cool to see him so visit happy and calmed down. He's a natural father," the source said. <br>Source:

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Mitigating Risk And Profiting From Imminent Downgrade Of All Ent

The number of video subscribers for Time Warner Cable has gone from 13.402 million at the end of 2006 to 11.911 million in the second quarter of 2013. While this might not seem like a mass exodus, it is nearly equivalent to the population of the City of Philadelphia according to the 2010 Census data. If the reports are correct that CBS is demanding a 600% increase on the fees charged, from last year, what part of the shrinking client base for video would this new hefty charge come from? The answer is twofold. The first portion is easily found in almost every 10-K document issued by cable companies and in their own words the increase in customer revenue related to video for the past 7 years has largely been from additional video services bundled together and increased prices of those bundles. The second part of the answer is in more aggressive bundle pricing making it more difficult to justify dropping the video service and simply retaining internet service; this practice is one that John McCain has been fighting on Capitol Hill and one that Deloitte in its 2013 Predictions has said is a good way for these companies to mitigate their losses. From the end of 2006 to the end of Q1 2013, the four cable companies that report on their video customers, Comcast ( CMCSA ), Time Warner Cable, Charter ( CHTR ), and Cablevision ( CVC ) have lost a combined total of 4.32 million video customers. <br>Source:

Lions Gate income, revenue rise on home entertainment, television

But, arguably, the most beloved and cherished of its casualties is the excellent, despite its brief run (2002-2003, 14 episodes), spawn of Joss Whedon , a fresh version of cowboys in space, insatiable fan appeal that spawned a group of loyal fans calling themselves Browncoats, whose devotion rivals that of even the most faithful Trekkie : 'Firefly' Firefly follows the spaceship Serenity and its crew as they take on various odd jobs, flying around the galaxy. History: Earth that was- the planet Earth became so over populated and polluted that it could no longer host mankind, so we decided to travel around, snatching up vacant planets, teraforming them so that they would resemble our home world, and planting small groups of humans as settlers (think the English coming to America). This was all well kim kardashian before after and good until the central planets decided that they wanted to bring order and civility (ie: their rules and regulations) to all of the new worlds (think the American Revolutionary War's.taxation without representation). As you might imagine, this didn't sit well with the outlying planets, some of who had only the most basic and primitive of technologies. Unlike the central planets, where there were the latest innovations in living, comfort, entertainment, etc. So, needless to say, the outlying planets opposed this to the point of starting a war, but unlike the Colonists, lost, and were given the nickname Browncoats (likely due site to their drab uniforms). The series follows a rag-tag group of mercenaries, veterans, a mechanic, visit the website a pilot, a professional companion (legal whore) a fugitive doctor and his mentally traumatized sister. <br>Source:

Entertainment Spotlight: 'Firefly' (Video)

M-GO was created by people who love entertainment for people who love being entertained and is a joint venture between DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor. With both technology and entertainment in the company's DNA, M-GO's mission is to transform the world of digital entertainment on the viewer's terms. M-GO has content deals secured with Hollywood's major studios, which drive its always-growing library of the newest releases the earliest it is available at retail - as well as a deep catalogue of hidden gems and classic favorites. M-GO is available on all major platforms via web browsers and functions on a full spectrum of operating systems ranging from Android to iOS to Windows. M-GO is also available as a free download from the Google Play Android app store. view publisher site <br>Source:

Entertainment One, Sunrise Pictures Team for TV Development Deal

Under the pact, the two companies will co-finance and develop pilot scripts, while eOne will produce and handle worldwide distribution on projects. Shows will be produced under the newly-forged banner, Sunrise TV, with Sunrise CEO Peter Schafer and Sunrise head of production Joe Dain serving as exec producers. Were delighted to be in business with Peter and the creative team at Sunrise, said John Morayniss, CEO of Entertainment One Television. This new venture supports eOnes commitment to dramatic programming, like The Walking Dead and Haven, and were looking forward to expanding our portfolio with more compelling content for US and global audiences. Sunrise Pictures film credits include The Whistleblower, The Trials of Cate McCall and Theres Always Woodstock, and the shingle is prepping to shoot a reality show targeting Latin auds. EOnes TV resume includes Hell on Wheels, Rookie Blue and Klondike. <br>Source:

M-GO Digital Entertainment Service Now Live On Millions Of VIZIO Smart TVs And Co-Star Streaming Players

reported net income of $13.6 million for the fiscal quarter ending June 30 -- a notable improvement over the same period a year earlier, when the company lost $44.2 million despite having the blockbuster "The Hunger Games" in theaters for much of that three-month period. Revenue rose 21% to $569.7 million.Lions Gate posted adjusted earnings per share of 10 cents, an improvement on the per-share loss of 33 cents a year earlier. Lions Gate's fiscal years end March 31, making the quarter ending June 30 the company's first of its 2014 fiscal year. The company's motion picture business segment, which includes home entertainment and international operations, posted revenue of $438.6 million -- an increase of 8% over the same quarter a year ago. VIDEO: Upcoming summer films The studio was helped by the success of Now You See Me, a surprise hit that has grossed $233 million worldwide. <br>Source:,0,5374911.story

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Celebrities star in "Got Your 6" PSA to empower military veteran

8/07/2013 12:10 PM ET | Filed under: Beauty Buzz Demi Lovato Photos! No spritzing and sniffing here! It feels like EVERY famous face has a fragrance line these days, but some very surprising celebs have vetoed the idea of selling their own personal scent. Demi Lovato probably smells AHmazing, but official site the former Disney princess has evidently passed on the opportunity to do what many of her peers have made bank on. Even though there's only a handful left, we totally wish we could smell like these stars noticeably absent from the market. <br>Source:

(Photo: Courtesy of Holly Williams) HOLLY WILLIAMS Hank Williams pictures of kim kardashian Jr. may have sheltered his kids from the "family business" musicwhen they were young, but he introduced daughter Holly and her siblings to one of the family's other favorite pastimeshunting. Williams, who is currently touring behind her new release, The Highway, always enjoyed the sport. But she came to appreciate it even more as an adult when she watched documentaries such as Food, Inc. "I really learned about the importance of only eating local/organic meats. <br>Source:

Using the resources and reach of the entertainment world, Got Your 6 provides tools and platforms that Americans can use to better understand veteran and military culture and creates opportunities for veterans and civilians to join together to reinvigorate communities. The campaign unites the entertainment industry with top-tier nonprofit organizations that specifically focus on veterans and military families with the goal to bridge the civilian-military divide. The Got Your 6 six pillars of Reintegration are: Jobs, Education, Health, Housing, Family, and Leadership. In coordination with AMPAS (American Motion Picture Academy of Sciences), GY6 has twice filmed its PSA during Oscar rehearsals. Each PSA, featuring almost two dozen high-profile celebrities, has been broadcast, on average, 25 times per day on network and cable channels. It has also been broadcast at the Indy 500, NASCARs Brickyard 400 and as a movie trailer. <br>Source:

<img kim kardashian site src='; />

Celebrities who agree with George Zimmerman verdict

Here are lessons from Bono, Kim Kardashian, Tiger Woods, and other huge stars on reinvention, staying relevant, and remaining true to yourself. By: Jeetendr Sehdev From pop stars turned politicians, to underwear models evolving into method movie actors--successful celebrities such as Bono and Mark Wahlberg can teach marketers some surprising lessons on the business of branding. Welcome to the intersection of Madison and Vine. Create an authentic persona The most successful celebrities have authentic personae. Take pop sensation Lady Gaga for example. <br>Source:

However, one would be hard-pressed to find many celebrities who agree with the verdict and are chomping at the bit to come forward with that information. The following is a small list of 10 celebrities who were brave enough to express their unpopular feelings about the pro-Zimmerman verdict. In this list you will find some of the personalities you'd expect to see, but also some that many would say "came out of left field." This slideshow also includes some of the commentary each one of these celebrities used to justify their opinions. Some of the celebrities on this list include: Donald Trump , Charles Barkley , Rush Limbaugh, Kim Kardashian Bill Cosby , Ann Coulter, Lupe Fiasco, Ted Nugent and others. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments and please follow me on Twitter and Subscribe to receive the latest celebrity news. Next <br>Source:

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Bring back Buffy! Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals there could be a

Eight police officers were descending on the masked actors. The police were real, with very real guns drawn, and had no idea this was a movie. Drop the gun! Drop it! Drop it! one officer yells on an audio recording police were carrying. One of the actors immediately let go of his fake assault rifle. But another held onto his replica handgun, forcing officers to make a life-or-death choice. <br>Source:

With her hair tied back and sporting large sunglasses Sarah carried Charlotte, who wore a pink tutu and matching vest and shoes for her class. The original Buffy was a 1992 film starring Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry about a teenage cheerleader from the Valley who finds out she is the 'chosen one' to hunt vampires before it premiered five years later as a television show starring Sarah. This way: Sarah leads Charlotte by the hand - the actress has admitted that view publisher site she could be interested in starring in a Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie The show built up a cult following with millions of fans around the world before it was pulled off the small screen in 2003. And now Hollywood is buzzing about rumours that it could be brought back to the life in a big screen reprisal, and the actress has indicated that she would be interested if the story was right. 'My joke is, at this point, the stake would be my walker and I would be hobbling in,' Gellar, 36, joked with E! News during a recent interview. <br>Source:

visit site

Before Dixon, movie studio investment in Lathrop failed to deliver

She recently pitched another expansive studio project in Dixon. Carissa Carpenter collected millions from investors for a $3.49 billion development project in Lathrop, presenting them a 57-page business plan and telling them that she was investing up to $123 million of her Kim Kardashian download own money. Manny Crisostomo / No homes have yet been built in the River Islands project near I-5 in San Joaquin County, stalled by legal challenges and the 2008 real estate collapse, but construction is scheduled to start later this year. Manny Crisostomo / The sales office for River Islands at Lathrop presents the Cambay Group's plans for a my company community of 11,000 homes, a charter school, town center and business park. The project manager says that Carissa Carpenter has no connection to the development, despite having collected millions from would-be investors. <br>Source:

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